The 3ds Max London User Group meets on the first Wednesday of every month at Truckles, opposite the British Museum. Started in 2007, the group enjoys a great number of professional members from London's advertising, architectural and animation industries. We meet to discuss ideas, methods and projects in a friendly, relaxed setting.

Thursday 28 May 2015

3ds Max Development Team next Wednesday 3rd June

The 3ds Max development team are jetting in from across the globe for a pint downstairs at Truckles next Wednesday 3rd June from 7pm sharp (actually I don’t think we’re the only reason they’re coming over but that sounds good). Eddie Perlberg, 3ds Max Product Manager, Neil Hazzard, Principal Engineer Rendering, Alex Horst, Product Specialist, and Jamie Gwilliam, Territory Sales Manager UK, I & N, are all coming along to take us through some of the highlights of the 2016 product release, the strongest in some time I think you’ll agree. Eddie’s also going to talk about the development process for Max, what the team are working on and (with the usual caveats I’m sure) what you might expect to see in future releases.

I’m very happy they’ve all agreed to come along to 3ds London again, it’s always great to hear what’s going on and a brilliant opportunity for you to talk to them. I don’t have any other speakers lined up for the evening but I’d be very grateful if you brought some work along to share at the beginning of the evening too- I’m sure the team will enjoy seeing what 3ds London members can achieve with Max. So to reiterate, I’d be very grateful if you brought some work along to share at the beginning of the evening too (i.e. your end of the bargain).

Have you signed up on our meetup page for 3dslondon that Sol set up last month yet? This will soon become the primary channel of communication for the group, so make sure you do!

Check,, the LinkedIn group or follow @3dslondon for updates.

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